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Bead Soup Blog Party #7 Reveal

Written By: admin - Mar• 30•13

Time for the first reveal at the Bead Soup Blog Party # 7.

First off, I was thrilled with all the beads, charms and bits that my partner Debra Behrends (Hopeful Journeys) shared with me.

So much good stuff that I could not fit everything into my limited design time.

BSBP 2013 D

BSBP 2013 C

BSBP 2013B

(The raw materials.)

Next up, I’d like to thank Lori Anderson (Pretty Things) for hosting this event and at the same time, to thank all the party goers who make this such a blog blast. Reserve some time for blog hopping. It’s a treat. Participants links are here.

A few words about my design process. Mostly I just sit down and make stuff. Not much for sketching, or grand design planning. I trust that the piece will come into being and to be what it needs to be. And, that it will appeal to someone, somewhere.

BSBP7 Blue Lucite Necklace by The Beading Yogini

BSBP7 Etched Flower Bead Necklace by The Beading Yogini

BSBP7 Butterfly Necklace by The Beading Yogini

BSBP7 Hummer Necklace by The Beading Yogini

(The finished goods.)

Thanks for taking a peek.


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  1. Ingrid says:

    Lovely work! I especially love the last one so so dainty and pretty!

  2. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous pieces!

  3. Hi Cece,
    stunning designs all of them
    and this time I feel a connection to You working area
    Cactus nursery …plants and birds.. 🙂
    AND they do appeal to me !! a lot !

  4. Lori says:

    Great designs… Took me a while to see that was bubble wrap underneath. Thought they were smushed blue beads!

  5. Ewa says:

    Fantastic jewels!Congratulation!

  6. I LOVE what you made! Everything is wonderful!

  7. Cindy says:

    Wow! That was a generous helping of soup! Love what you did with it. Beautiful work.

  8. Kym Hunter says:

    Wow, all of your creations are beautiful! You received a gorgeous soup mix and used is very well!

  9. Alenka says:

    Beautiful pieces! It’s very hard to pick one favourite. It seems the first one inspires me most, even if I don’t wear blue very often.

  10. Leah says:

    I ADORE that soup and love what you’ve made. That first necklace really does it for me!

  11. Heather says:

    Love that huge batch of soup – what a creative gift! First let me say your photos are looking so fab, your designs are amazing and I’m always inspired by what you create. I love the texture of the macrame in the first piece with just the smallest touch of fiber that adds so much to the focals. The other three necklaces are perfectly designed and look like they just jumped off the pages of a beading publication. I’m off to check out more of your blog, I haven’t been here in a while!!!

  12. OMG. I am in love with the necklace with the huge green lampwork bead and your first piece, too! Really, anything you make is amazing. You’re an amazing designer I’m proud to call a friend!

    Thank you SO MUCH for joining in these parties, and I hope you continue to!!

  13. Silvia says:

    I love your design, beautiful pieces!

  14. Eni Fabian says:

    Everything is so beautiful!

  15. Really fun collection from yummy soup!

  16. Beautiful work, lot’s of soup!

  17. Sandra says:

    Your creations are all gorgeous, but I especially love the necklace with the blue flowers. The knotted segment with the graduating beads definitely caught my eyes.

  18. Jasvanti says:

    I liked what you did with your bead soup!!

  19. Billi says:

    Love your soup. The pieces are beautiful…all of them.Happy BSBP7.

  20. I think you enjoyed the soup very much! What a lovely bunch of beads did you get! I love color and I love what you did with the beads, great job! Ine

  21. says:

    I’m on the 3rd reveal, I’m partecipating for the 3rd time on BSBP, I’m visiting all blogs… you received a beautiful, huge, soup and you did a great work, I love all pieces, I love your style.
    ciao dall’Italia

  22. Breana says:

    Very pretty pieces. I like the blue flowers.

  23. paula hisel says:

    i am loving what you did with the necklaces. you had such great color palates to work with

  24. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    Of course, they’re all beautiful, as is everything that comes off of your design table. But I particularly like the mix of materials on either side of the first necklace, and the last necklace grabs me because I’m a ridiculous sucker for purple. Is that a clasp you used as the pendant on the final one? Very cool!

  25. Ambra says:

    Wow! You received a very generous soup and did great things with it! I particularly love the desing of the neckalce with the butterflies. It’s amazing!


  26. Dear Cece, you are amazing! I love all your pieces (of course), but the first necklace left me breathless. I adore it!

  27. Lea Avroch says:

    WOW!…on both the beautiful soup & your creations! Love them all, but I particularly like the simplicity of the 1st design with the wire wrapped daisies. So unique & pretty.

  28. bailaora says:

    fanatastic floral elements in the first necklace and great use of the focal, congratulations!

  29. Super gorgeous! I love the metal with a flash of color. Those purple lampworked beads with the silver on the last necklace is my favorite! Nice photos too…:)

  30. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful designs. And your photography is great!

  31. Drooling… can’t decide which I like more!

  32. Donetta says:

    I knew the moment I saw your first photographs that I was in for a treat…your pictures are FABULOUS! And your process so totally works…each and every piece is my favorite! I love your work.

  33. Tara P says:

    Beautiful! Love that first necklace and I’m in love with the soup in general!

  34. Beautiful designs! I really love that top piece — the textures are lovely. 😉

  35. Danielle says:

    Just love your style, great pieces!

  36. such a sweet sweet butterfly necklace! Love the design 🙂

  37. Dolores says:

    Lots of gorgeous pieces, glad I don’t have to pick a favorite.

  38. Lorelle says:

    Stunning pieces

  39. Beautiful Pieces well done!

  40. Very beautiful pieces, they came together so well.

  41. I am in love with the first one… How lovely ! But everything is amazing~

  42. Lori Poppe says:

    Very very beautiful. What vibrant colors to work with and turned them into some amazing jewelry.

  43. Wow! Great pics and your jewelry is beautiful!

  44. Wow! everything posted is just amazing! Your use of color is superb. Love love love the soup you made. Yum!

  45. Your creations are so beautiful. I love how you combined fiber, with metal and glass in your first necklace. The 2nd piece with the lampwork focal was beautiful and the wirework gave the whole piece a very interesting feel. NICE!

  46. Jean Yates says:

    I LOVE your work! It is exquisitely beautiful and I am drawn to every piece! You did a magnificent job!
    Thanks for showing it in such lovely photos, too!
    jean yates

  47. CeCe I admire your style I keep coming back to look at your jewelry. Your first piece is my favorite but turning that heart upside down was wonderful.

  48. I love them all, but the first one with the blue flowers – sublime!

  49. I have a new fav designer. Your pieces are soo elegant.. I am in love with the green focal. Wonderful job.

  50. Liz says:

    Love them all, especially the blue flowered one.

  51. jennifer says:

    Love what you received & love what you did with it. Beautiful work.

  52. ~*Fantastic design work! You were sent a dreamy parcel of materials to work with! The multi media pieces you’ve created are great! I enjoyed viewing your work!*~

  53. Pam Chesbro says:

    Nice collection. You have a clean style that appeals to me. I’d wear all of the pieces but especially the blue flower bracelet. Sweet.

  54. Lyn Foley says:

    You really had a lot to work with – and did a good job with all of it. Very nice photos too.

  55. Kim Houston says:

    What amazing pieces, I love everyone of these creations!

  56. Natascha says:

    So beautiful jewelry from an amazing soup! Congratulations!

  57. I am in love with your necklace .

  58. Cassi says:

    I love your designs!

  59. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, CeCe!

  60. Liz Engriser says:

    Such utter sweetness. That first piece captivated me. I’m glad you explained your general design process. I’m always curious to know how people approach their art. You take great pictures as well and have a beautiful website.

  61. coffeeaddict says:

    I love your pieces, they’re all gorgeous 🙂

  62. B.R.Kuhlman says:

    Your designs look amazing! I so love that blue flower necklace. ♥

  63. Diana Frey says:

    Wow…look at all of those great pieces you designed! Well done.

  64. Kumi Fisher says:

    Loved all the pieces you created!

  65. wow stunning pieces – I especially love the one with the hummingbird at the bottom =)

  66. Rachel Baron says:

    That lampwork pendant is stunning–you did the perfect job of setting it off with the simple dangles!

  67. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful job you did. You had great ingredients and you did a wonderful job with them. Very inspirational.

  68. Wow, I really love ALL of your creative designs! You did a wonderful job using your soup mix and thanks for the inspiration! *Ü*

  69. Michi says:

    What a great soup, you’ve got. And you did a wonderful job with it, the designs are charming!

  70. Patty Johnson says:

    Wow Incredible color and cool items in your soup. I really like all your pieces…very very cool designs!

  71. diana welte says:

    love the blue flower bracelet. and everything else. it’s all lovely!

  72. Renetha says:

    Nice designs, but my favorite is the hummingbird pendant necklace.

  73. Dyanne says:

    Beautiful works of art. I love the focal/clasp on the last piece!

  74. JuLee says:

    I am drooling over your second necklace. Love the focal and how you displayed it.

  75. What beautiful soup you received – and you did an outstanding job !! The blue floral necklace is my favorite

  76. I like all the pieces, but the second one is my favorite.

  77. LiliKrist says:

    You have beautiful soup indeed =)
    *bravo* for your creations.

  78. Silke says:

    Every piece is beautiful. I love what you made.

  79. Othel says:

    I like your work. It ia nice to see vintage-inspired jewelry that is not too sweet for a grown-up woman.

  80. Cynthia Riggs says:

    What a heaping helping of soup (both recieved and produced)!! Everything is just beautiful!

  81. Robin Kae Reed says:

    Wow you had a wonderful pot full of soup to work with didn’t you!!! You did a wonderful job!!! love all the designs. I don’t think I have a favorite! I love all the color and the texture and movement!!! Great Job!!!

  82. Shaiha says:

    I don’t think that you need to hope that someone will like your pieces. They are all so incredible. I am totally in love with the first two necklaces. The knotting is so beautiful.

  83. Each piece is so unique. I particularly like how you used metal and texture with a few jolts of colour.

  84. Lupe Meter says:

    Such beautiful creations!! What a yummy bead soup! Great job on the designs!

  85. cryssT says:

    You were sent pretty things and you created beautiful jewelry.

  86. Pam Farren says:

    Your necklace with the large colorful focal is outstanding, but your delicately made bracelet steals the show!

  87. Sarah S. says:

    Well, your design time may have been limited, but your designs were not! Love how you put the beads into the chain, such a nice effect!

  88. Cheryl says:

    Man O Man! You received the soup of the century! And what you did with it is next to fabulous! Oh, wait a minute…it is FABULOUS! I would proudly wear any of your creations. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

  89. LeeLu Creations says:

    Wow! What an amazing soup you had to work with. You made some beautiful, unique pieces.

  90. Rain says:

    Wow, stunning pieces… I particularly love that large glass focal and what you did with it. What a soup!

  91. Beautiful!!! I love, love, love, the first one!!!!!

  92. Wow! Everything is so, so lovely! I am totally in awe of what you made–beautiful work! 😀

  93. Jayashree says:

    Very pretty pieces! Looks like your partner sent you soup for the whole block! Congratulations!

  94. denise says:

    Really like the blue necklace. Is there blue cording going through the chain?

  95. Lovely pieces! My favourite is the etched flower focal.

  96. Such yummy goodness in your bead soup! Looks like you will more to cook up with what is left. I love the creations you have made for the party. I thnk my favorite is the first necklace with the blue flower beads.

  97. Lori F says:

    Love them all! That last one, though? Dee-vine!! Graple really speaks to me right now.

  98. bev b says:

    I love the pieces you made with your soup! My favorite is the blue flower necklace!

  99. Great pieces, Cece – that first one is perfection. I love what you did with the flowers and how you varied the bead sizes in the macrame piece. Great look.

  100. Amazing job with the blue flowers!

  101. Kathy Lindemer says:

    Lovely creations from a wonderful soup!

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