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Art Bead Scene November 2012 Challenge

Written By: admin - Nov• 27•12

Here’s my entry for the November Art Bead Scene Challenge.

ABS NOV 2012 3 Worlds A by The Beading YoginiMostly metal with some Vintaj patina lucite leaves. Just love that Vintaj patina because it is so versatile.

Here’s the artwork that inspired the design:


Three Worlds, 1955 by M C Escher


 I’ve always admired the work of  Escher. It is fascinating.
Here’s one more view of the necklace.
NOV ABS 2012 3 Worlds B by The Beading Yogini
Thanks for stopping by. View all of the ABS November designs at the flickr group.

Lost In Space

Written By: admin - Nov• 17•12

Here I am again with yet another challenge entry. This is both one of the easiest and most difficult challenges to date. The Lost In Space Studio Challenge on Artisan Whimsy. Easy because all you need to do to enter is submit a few photos of your studio. The difficult part is creating the perfect studio environment for your type of work. Me, I have two studios.

My mixed media studio is a small spare bedroom (11′ x 12′). Truth be told, I like to dabble in every type of art and craft under the sun. Glass, fabric, beading, drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, clay, wire wrapping, etc. Of course all mediums require their own particular type of tools. I’m big into repurposing and this studio certainly is evidence of this fact. All of the furniture here is repurposed, second hand finds. Mostly yard sale items. Nothing matches, and I’ve just done my best to work with what I have the most of. Vertical space. Even the closet is stacked vertically with small shelving units.

My favorite part is the curtain rod on the closet that is loaded with tons of second hand necklaces and bead strands.

Studio 1

The second favorite item is my repurposed “desk”, an old door stacked on two old kitchen cabinets (found on Craigslist.)

studio 2

It gets real busy and messy in here sometimes, but I really enjoy myself in the process.

The second studio (click here for photos) is in an add on laundry room. It’s a great space with plenty of room for storage. I have excellent ventilation and lighting. The only drawback is that it’s not climate controlled. This does limit my torch time in both the summer and winter months. Not fun to be on a hot torch when it’s 105 degrees or 40 degrees outside.(We do get some extremes here in the Mojave Desert.) But, lucky for me, my schedule is somewhat flexible and I am able to utilize it in comfort fairly often.

Anyway, I feel very blessed to be able to have the time, and space to create in both studios.


Metal Prong Challenge

Written By: admin - Nov• 15•12

The Metal Team over at Artisan Whimsy is hosting this challenge and there is a great, free “how to” tutorial in the event that you have never tried the metal prong technique. The tutorial was put together by Staci Louise Smith. (Thanks Staci.)

I haven’t done any metal prong work in quite some time, so this was a good refresher for me.

3 AW Prong Challenge by The Beading Yogini

It always helps to start with a great focal piece. Hence, the ceramic pendant from Birgitta Lejonklou (Create with Spirit) is featured at the center piece. Then I repurposed a metal piece from a belt I found at the local thrift store. (I now have about thirty -six more of these metal pieces to play with.)

1AW Prong Challenge by The Beading Yogini

Throw in some chain, wire, seed beads, tiny lampwork beads and charms and it’s a done deal.

5AW Prong Challenge by The Beading Yogini

A tiny pair of lampwork earrings to match.

2AW Prong Earrings by The Beading Yogini

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Berries and Leaves Challenge

Written By: admin - Nov• 12•12

Just a quick post for the November Artisan Whimsy Berries and Leaves Challenge.

AW Leaves and Berries Challenge by The Beading Yogini

A pair of earrings with tiny wire wrapped garnet gems.

AW Leaves and Berries II Challenge by The Beading Yogini

And of course, a few leaves.


See what others are creating for this challenge at Artisan Whimsy.

UK Inspiration Challenge

Written By: admin - Nov• 11•12

The UK Group over at Artisan Whimsy decided to throw out a UK Inspiration Challenge. Sounded like a bit of fun, so here I am linked up to another design challenge. I decided to go with Dorset as I was attracted to that because of it’s button making history. I am paying homage to all the button making, cottage industry women from the past.

Dorset I

aw uk challenge dorset II by The Beading Yogini

Riveted Button Earrings

Dorset II

aw uk challenge dorset 1 by The Beading Yogini Shell and Metal Button Earrings with tiny lampwork bead charms

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Celebrating Mother Earth Challenge

Written By: admin - Nov• 10•12

When I saw Birgitta Lejonklou (Create With Spirit) was having a blog hop, I knew that I must participate. Thanks B!

 She creates the best ceramic pendants! We’ve done our own little swaps a few times, trading jewelry, beads and pendants. (One can never have too many beading buddies.)

The theme is Celebrating Mother Earth.  Nothing better than paying a bit of homage to Ma!

While designing, I listened to one of my favorite kirtan chants by Shantala.  Honoring Ma with a blissful heart.

 1MotherEarthBlogHop By The Beading Yogini

Amba Parameshwari Akhilandeshwari

Adi Parashakti Palayamam

Shri Bhuvaneshwari Raja Maheshwari

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Ma Ma Ma Ma

Ananda Mayi Ma Palayamam

Sachidananda Mayi Ma Palayamam

2MotherEarthBlogHop by The Beading Yogini

Sweet Mother, You are the Supreme Divine,

Empowering All, you are the Whole, Everything!

Primordial One, Creativity Supreme, protect me!

Auspicious One, Goddess of the Earth, Great Goddess of the Sovereign

Whose Form is Being, Consciousness, and Bliss, protect me!

O Mother, O Ma! O Mother made of Bliss! O Mother, protect me!

4MotherEarthBlogHopby The Beading Yogini

(Thanks to Lesley over at The Gossiping Goddess for the wonderful jump ring and seed bead tutorial.)

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Vintaj Harvest Moon Challenge

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•12

Under the Harvest Moon

Under the harvest moon,
When the soft silver
Drips shimmering
Over the garden nights,
Death, the gray mocker,
Comes and whispers to you
As a beautiful friend
Who remembers.

Under the summer roses
When the flagrant crimson
Lurks in the dusk
Of the wild red leaves,
Love, with little hands,
Comes and touches you
With a thousand memories,
And asks you
Beautiful, unanswerable questions.

Carl Sandburg

Earrings Vintaj Harvest Moon Challenge by The Beading Yogini

 Vintaj materials used: 24mm Button Blank, 27mm Round Loop Ear Wire, flat chain and patinas. Other materials: recycled metal tin, copper charms, and S-Lon Cord.

November 2012 Challenge: “Harvest Moon”
Take your interpretation of “Harvest Moon” and create an inspiring piece using Vintaj Natural Brass, Arte Metal and/or Artisan Copper! Submissions are due by NOON (CST) Friday, October 26. Voting will be open from October 29 – midnight November 2, with the challenge winner posted on Monday, November 5. Editor’s Pick will be posted the same day.

Check it out and vote for your favorite at the Vintaj Blog.

Hooters Challenge

Written By: admin - Oct• 24•12

The folks over at Artisan Whimsy are having a little design challenge this month…


So many owl fans out there that I just had to join in on this challenge.



Mainly metal components with a row of my tiny lampwork ivory colored beads and connectors.

Check out the entires at Artisan Whimsey, join up and vote for your favorite design.


Kalmbach Bead Soup Party

Written By: admin - Oct• 16•12

It’s always fun to participate in the Bead Soup Party Blog Hops hosted by Lori Anderson and I decided that it would be fun to participate in the Kalmbach Bead Soup Party as well. This party is timed to coincide with the release of Lori’s Bead Soup Book. I’m pretty excited about this because it is the first time one of my designs has been published. (Peek in the gallery section of this book. )

Bead Soup Book

Kalmbach Publishing is the organizer and sponsor of this event, and many beading retailers provided the bead soups for the party. Thank you all for your generosity.

My retail sponsor is Bead Jungle (owned by Sandra Murphy) located in Henderson, Nevada. Admittedly, I don’t get over to Henderson very often since the valley has expanded, but I will try to make it a point to drop by the shop if I find myself over in that part of town.

Kalmbach Bead Soup Party Soup from Bead Jungle by The Beading Yogini

When I got my package of bead soup, I thought “whoa, kinda bling” as I rarely use crystals and super sparkly beads. But, for me, the essence of these Bead Soup events are to spread your wings, design with what you have, and also to work out of your comfort zone. Here’s what I came up with for the necklace design:


2KBS Prosperity NEcklace by The Beading Yogini

As I mentioned earlier, not really into”bling”, so I decided to alter the focal bead using a bit of Objects and Elements printed papers. Burn the edges with some Nag Champa incense. Of course, old hippie would have a stash of this in her studio. I was thrilled with how this turned out and decided to do the flip side of the focal bead too. I couldn’t resist as the little bit of paper had the words “Lady Luck” printed on it. After all, this is Las Vegas. (And, you know how I like that dual purpose, two sided design thing.)

1KBS Prosperity Necklace by The Beading Yogini

4KBS Prosperity Necklace by The Beading Yogini

Next came a bit of assembly with the bar connectors and turquoise discs, and some thin bailing wire. All is good so far. Then the C-Lon cord, more beads from my stash. I wanted a bit more “texture” so, I decided to sand paper the crystals to create a see thru effect. Lets a little more light and variety into the design. Even though it is shiny, I like the final product.

5KBS Prosperity Necklace by The Beading Yogini

3KBS Prosperity Necklace by The Beading Yogini

A little pair of earrings for dessert.

Prosperity Earrings by The Beading Yogini

Art Bead Scene October 2012 Challenge

Written By: admin - Oct• 06•12

Initially, this piece for the Art Bead Scene October Monthly Challenge did not inspire me very much.

Funny how some art immediately resonates and other pieces just…blah.

oct 2012 - revolving-1919 by kurt schwitters palette brandi hussey

Revolving by Kirt Schwitters 1919

Assemblage-Wood, metal, cord, cardboard, wool, wire, leather, and oil on canvas

48 3/8″ x 35″ (122.7 x 88.7 cm)

Museum of Modern Art, New York

“New things had to be made out of the fragments.”

It took a little time for me to formulate an idea for the design. Brandi Hussey worked up a color pallette and then I was off.

OCT ABS # 2 by The Beading Yogini

I had been wanting to try this jump ring and seed bead tutorial shared by The Gossiping Goddess, so I gave that a run through.

(Great tutorial Lesley and thanks for sharing!) I then used this concept for the cords.

Since the art work contains the element of using found objects, I decided to experiment with etching a small piece of brass that I had found while digging in some “junk parts” boxes that I have buried in my inventory.

Out came the trusted and often abused Sharpie marker and the hole punch tool. The rest is history.

OCT ABS # 4 by The Beading Yogini

OCT ABS #3 by The Beading Yogini

OCT ABS #1 by The Beading Yogini

Thanks for swinging by and see what other jewelry designers have created here at the Art Bead Scene Flickr Group.