January 2012 Art Bead Scene Challenge

The inspiration for the January Art Bead Scene Challenge is “Trellis by William Morris, 1862”

jan 2012 - williammorristrellis palette copy


You can read more biographical information about the artist and this design at ART BEAD SCENE.

I love the color palette, especially the coral, rust and gold hues.

Even though I think my final design is very simple, I feel that it took me forever to get the overall balance just so.

JAN ABS Close Up by The Beading YoginiI started with a square wire frame, a printed fabric swatch and some thread. Then I used some alcohol ink to tone down the colors on the fabric and give it just a hint of “aging”. I began hand stitching around the design and then backed it with some felt and inserted the wire frame. Then I hand stitched the ribbon for the necklace cord, added some small wire wrapped flower charms and some gun metal wire links. Finished it off with a simple set of earrings using more wire wrapped beads. A few more photos below:

JAN ABS Necklace by The Beading YoginiJAN ABS EARRINGS by The Beading Yogini

JAN ABS 1 by The Beading Yogini

See what other designers came up with at the flickr group.

Planting Seeds

Seed beads of course.

Cuff 2 layout by The Beading Yogini

Third attempt at seed bead embroidery, with another seed beaded cuff bracelet. Brighter colors this time around. I can’t recall who said it, but someone likened it to painting, except the medium is beads. Allowing the pattern to wander and adding splashes of color here and there.

Turquoise Stone Cuff 2 by The Beading Yogini




Owl Totem Seed Bead Embroidered Necklace With Micro Macrame Cords

Owl Seed bead Necklace Strings by The Beading Yogini

My second attempt at seed bead embroidery. I intended this piece to be a cuff bracelet, but the laws of physics did not allow that to happen. The cabs on it were too large to bend at the proper angles. So, as most designers know, flexibility is the key to creativity. Hence, with a few micro macrame cords, a necklace came into being. What I like about bead embroidery is that there is creative space to meander and allow the piece to take on it’s own life. This one gradually worked it’s way into being an owl design. Again, not intentional, but it happened that way. Owls are one of my spirit totem animals. In native American tradition, Animal spirits usually appear to people during dreams or meditations and the qualities of each particular animal have a lesson to teach. About owls: they can see well in the dark, hence the relation to help us develop and get in touch with our own psychic abilities, honor your intuition and inner knowledge, seek the truth beyond appearances. Stay tuned for several more pieces that I’ll be working into my spirit animal totem series.

Owl Seed bead Necklace 1 by The Beading YoginiOwl Seed bead Necklace by The Beading Yogini