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A Digital Breath of Fresh Air

This past week I’ve been working on stamped, collage, hand cut fairy paper dolls. I use a combination of angel company (Character Constructions , ArtChix Studio, Enchanted Gallery) rubber stamps, digital collage sheets and old magazines, along with beads and wire. They look something like this, but all are unique. The best part is finding or making little accessory […]

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Sketchbook Project 2011

Last year I decided to participate in the Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project 2011. It was lots of fun to throw together my sketchbook using journaling, collage, drawing and painting techniques. The sketchbooks of the participants travel around the USA and many have now been scanned and loaded into a digital library. I really enjoy […]

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Happy Birthday Nellie Collage

Nothing better than spending a few hours messing around with paper, pens and glue. This one is a birthday card for a small friend. It’s on it’s way to Nellie in Maine. With a surprise.

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