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Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Posted by on July 20, 2013

I do admit that I hoard beads.

Actually, not so much on the beads, but more so with pendants and charms.

As a lampwork glass worker, I can always make beads, but ceramic pendants are a different story.

Love these moon faces by Birgitta Lejonklou.

Of course Buddha’s are another favorite.

And, micro macrame necklaces are my favorite pieces to create.

Thanks for stopping by and see what others have created by hopping on over to Lori Anderson’s blog for the complete line up of participants.

p.s. thank you Lori for hosting yet another fun blog hop.

40 Responses to Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

  1. Birgitta Lejonklou

    well… someone else have been busy too :-)
    and I seriously think You need some more pendants soon !
    Your macrame skill is fantastic …If there is a favo for me it may be that pink Buddha one..but they are are lovely and Im sure they look great on like that fabulous necklace I got over here
    Thanks again my friend !!
    and Very proud to see my pendants look like this

  2. ilenia

    Wow! Such beautiful ceramics pendent … love the micro macrame necklaces you created!

  3. Kim

    Wow, I love everything you did, the Buddhas are my favorites though.

  4. Robyn

    Wonderful macrame work! Just beautiful.

  5. Nancy Dale

    Oh how incredibly beautiful…. I adore your necklaces AND those gorgeous faces!!! Totally fabulous work, every one.

  6. Malin de Koning

    wonderful work as always :-)

  7. Lisa Cone

    Love the collection!

  8. Molly Alexander

    SO beautiful – I love Birgitta’s pendants, and your micro-macrame work is simply amazing!

  9. Joan Williams

    Just stunning – your micro macrame work blows me away!

  10. paula hisel

    they are all stunning. i’d wear them in a heartbeat!

  11. simplysterling

    Beautiful work!

  12. Becky Pancake

    Your macrame is beautiful. You complimented Brigitta’s pendants very well. You made great color choices.

  13. Heather Otto

    I love the Buddha pendants! I can totally see why you’d hoard them. But I DO love what you ended up doing!!

  14. JuLee

    Can’t say which pendant I like the best. I am kinda favoring the micromacreme treatment on the last piece.

  15. Adlinahkamsir

    I”m always in awe of your work and this time is no exception. Your macramé necklaces are stunning!

  16. Marlene C.

    Your beading skills are well known, well loved and admired, and can see you have a true love of buddha’s. I have several molds and would be happy to replenish your supply.

  17. Chandra

    Very beautiful how you mix beading with macramé I really love the blue Buddha necklace! Your work is amazing and fun to look at.

  18. Mischelle Fanucchi

    I love Moons. The pendants are gorgeous. I so want to try macrame but am very scared too. lol Great job on your designs.

  19. christina

    Love them all…I soooo want to learn the macrame! And those faces…very fun! I used to make plant hangers when I was a kid out of macrame so you would think I could make a necklace…nope! LOL

  20. Catherine King

    In love with your ceramic pieces and the macramé is lovely and inspiring. Actually, I am just amazed. Beautiful!


  21. Lori Anderson

    Your work ALWAYS amazes me. I wish we could get together so I could learn how to do something just once, to see if I could even do it. All I know is a half hitch knot and I don’t think I even have that name correct!

    Your work inspires me on a constant basis, as do you. Thanks for participating and for being a good friend.

  22. Dry Gulch

    The moon faces are really neat. You do fantastic micro macrame! Very beautiful.

  23. Mary Shannon Hicks

    I love micro-macrame. Your hoard is inspiring, and your work is impeccable. Beautiful!

  24. Dini Bruinsma

    Great combinations you made with the macramé and the pendants. Lovely colours and everything so well balanced♥ Beautiful!!!

  25. Audrey Bélanger

    I love these ! Ceramics are really fun to hoard, I admit. I need to use more of mine !

  26. Jenny Kyrlach

    Absolutely beautiful work! :)

  27. Cheryl

    Oh I love the macramé! And those moon faces are great.

  28. Sherri Stokey

    Gorgeous work! I love the macrame necklaces!!!

  29. Janet

    Whoa when you create you sure create!
    What gorgeousness here! I too love the pink one!

  30. Nelly May

    Your micro macrame is astonishing. What a perfect compliment to such beautiful focals.

  31. Veralynne Malone

    Beautiful work. I love, love, love your micro mac…. Great job and great post.

  32. Melissa Trudinger

    Beautiful, and I love the pendant theme!

  33. gloria allen

    Beautiful, Beautiful pieces. Luv em all.

  34. CraftyHope

    You got so many pieces made and they’re each so marvelous! I think my hoarding is also often the pendants as well. Your stash is just too cool and they way you complimented each of them rocks my socks off!

  35. Tanti

    your works are stunning..!
    I love your micro macrame works…

  36. Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

    Cece, I have always loved your designs… I think ceramic goes so beautifully with your amazing micro work!

  37. Janine Lucas

    Love love love your designs and your micro macrame is so gorgeous.

  38. Bobbie

    You dug into your treasure chest to create even more gorgeous treasures! I am so inspired by the way you use the micromacrame to spotlight and frame the beauty of the beads — your creations are miniature works of art.

  39. kepirasmussen

    OMG those are incredible. I love your designs, great job!

  40. Kari Asbury

    WOW! Love them all and you were such a busy bee…fantastic!

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