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Challenge of Music 2013

Written By: admin - Mar• 01•13

The Challenge of Music Blog Hop… it’s time for the reveal.


Thank you Erin Prais-Hintz (Tesori Trovati-Treasures Found) for hosting and inspiring this creative blog hop.

This time around, the challenge was to create a piece using instrumental music.

I am a music fan and have an eclectic music collection.

I like classical, but it just didn’t fit in with my design for this round.

So, what would be a good fit?

Quote ” It is not a coincidence that the name Nightmares on Wax is an acronym for NOW,

as they describe their music as

“the sound of N.O.W.” to exemplify raw honesty and artistic freedom. “

YOU WISH <<< You Tube Link

You Wish

by Nightmares on Wax

You Wish Doll Side View by The Beading Yogini

from  In A Space Outta Sound

You wish doll full body by the beading yogini

(mixed media)

Materials used: Cholla wood, drift wood,  recycled doll, serged silk ribbons, brass bells, metal charms, yarns, cords, glass beads, epoxy clay,  and mylar wings. Thanks for lookin’ & see what the other participants have been up to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Erin Prais-Hintz

Alenka Obid

Ali McCarthy

Alicia Marinache

Amy Severino

Amy Grass

Carolyn Lawson

Cece Cormier

Cynthia Riggs

Ema Kilroy

Emanda Johnson

Emma Todd

Erin Kenny

Evelyn Shelby

Evie and Beth McCord

Gerd Andersson

Holly Westfall

Jennifer Justman

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Jess Green

Judy Campbell

Karla Morgan

Kay Thomerson

Kristina Johansson

Lola Surwillo

Lynn White

Malin de Koning

Mallory Hoffman

Mary K McGraw

Melissa Meman

Melissa Trudinger

Michelle Escano

Michelle Bourbonniere

Michelle Heim

Michelle Mach

Molly Alexander

Molly Schaller

Monique Urquhart

Niky Sayers

Pam Farren

Rebecca Anderson

Sally Russick

Sharon Palac

Sharon Driscoll

Susan Kennedy

Tari Kahrs

Tracy Stillman

Veralynne Malone

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  1. How COOL! This is an awesome piece. I never would have thought up something like! You definitely have a mystical talent for mixed media! thanks.

  2. Jenny says:

    Wild. What size is it? Did you intend it to be worn, or hung on the wall? It truly is an expression of artistic freedom.

  3. Amy S. says:

    Wow! This piece took me by surprise! HOWEVER, it’s really cool, and I think it emulates the music so well!!!!

  4. WOW – I’m not sure there is anything else to say about this fantastic piece. The music is a blast – Nightmares on Wax. You’re very talented. I went back in yoiur blog to see some of the other challenges – talk about creativity!

  5. maneki says:

    I can see the connection between the music and the piece, a really creative and thought-through interpretation.

  6. Mallory says:

    I love what you made. Creativity at it’s best!!!

  7. Pam Farren says:

    I really like your music seletion, it’s new to me.

    Your work is wonderful! I’d be interested to learn more about the creation of your finished piece.

  8. OK, CeCe, this is a new band I’ve never heard before, so after I listened to your chosen track, I helped myself to some more songs. I especially like the ones where they include some vocalizing. Very smooth but hard to categorize, ain’t they? I like it and my kids will too (they’re all in their twenties). I love this Challenge because I have heard some genres I would not necessarily have experienced.

    Likewise, as a total no-nothing in mixed media or collage (not even sure I’m using the right terms), but I know I love the re-use and recycling you have done. The look is so cool, but I bet I would like the textures even more. Is this one of those designs where touching is believing? I think your creation really does exemplify the band’s self-described “raw honesty and artistic freedom “. Thanks for showing me a new slice!

  9. Wow Cece – I love your music choice! So unusual and yet so soothing to me. Your mixed-media doll is unbelievably creative – I love the materials you chose to work with. The wings and sleeves really caught my eye, but the more I look at the details, the more fascinated I am. Well done!

    🙂 Molly

  10. Alenka says:

    Oh, this is really original!!! I like how you combined mixed media to interpret the music.

  11. I have never heard of Nightmares on Wax before! I love the sound. Very eclectic and funky. Your mixed media piece has that same flair. Lots to look at and keep it interesting. Thank you for taking part in the Challenge of Music and for sharing this cool sound with us and your wonderful interpretation! Enjoy the day. Erin

  12. Wow, that’s an interesting piece, so much to see in it! Like the music that inspired you too, very cool sound.

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