Scored a Serger

Little teaser. A while back I scored this Juki serger for $ 35 at a local thrift store. It was missing the foot pedal.

I finally found a foot pedal, figured out how to thread the machine and it works!

It looks like it could use a new upper blade, but so far it’s doing the job.

Stay tuned to see what I’ve been up to with this piece of equipment. I’ve been having fun.

Juki Serger

Ingredient List for Bead Soup 7

Love it when I get to the Post Office Box and there’s a package waiting.

BSBP 2013 A from Debra Behrends

My Bead Soup partner, Debra Behrends (

mailed a super generous package of ingredients of both beads and findings.

She also sent a small sized hand bound paper journal too.

BSBP 2013 E from Debra Behrends

BSBP 2013 F from Debra Behrends

To state that I’m thrilled with what she has shared with me would be an understatement!

Thank you Debra.

Take a peek at all the beady goodness:

BSBP 2013 C from Debra Behrends

BSBP 2013 D from Debra Behrends

BSBP 2013B from Debra Behrends

BSBP7 Partner Intro

The 7th Bead Soup Blog Party is kicking into high gear and is currently announcing partner match ups for the three reveals. This time around, my partner for the 1st Reveal is Debra Behrends of  Hopeful Journeys. This Bead Soup business is always a fun swap and a great way to cyber meet fellow designers and artists. You can get to know just a bit about Debra by visiting her website, pinterest pageetsy shop and her blog.

MorphedBSBP2013SENT1 by The Beading Yogini

(BSBP teaser photo of the loot I mailed to Debra.)

We have a few things in common besides melting glass.

We both have funny little white dogs who do tricks.

Her dog does a handstand thing and one of mine does a tripod standing thing when he eats.

We both eat gluten free and paleo.

Both of us dabble a bit in journal making, and it seems we both like a lot of color.

We both have busy schedules.

We also have a few polar opposites.

I live in the Mojave Desert and she lives in Minnesota.

She’s a Momma fours times over and I have no children.

Debra has chickens and I have none. (I am quite envious.)

So, this should be an interesting swap.


Stay tuned for more BSBP posts in the future.


Inspire Change Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

Inspire change wellness words jewelry challenge…yup that’s quite a mouthful. The hostess, Tracy Statler ( proposed this challenge and I enjoy a good challenge. Especially a challenge that does not have too many rules or regulations.

 I am never certain what will inspire me or where my creativity and imagination may go.

Tracy’s suggested guideline:

“Choose an inspirational word or phrase in an area of your life where you want to make positive change.

Make sure your words truly represent something you want to work on.

Don’t choose a word because it looks good, is popular right now or someone else thinks you should choose it.

These are the six categories of wellness that people generally want to make changes in:

Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual and Social.  

Your words can represent any of these areas.”

I thought long and hard about selecting a word for myself . It fits all categories.

My word: ease…(It’s both a noun and a verb.)

Ease 003 by The Beading Yogini

Well, my goodness, who wouldn’t want all of the nice effects associated with this word?  See definitions below:

ease [eez]

freedom from labor, pain, or physical annoyance; tranquil rest; comfort:

freedom from concern, anxiety, or solicitude; a quiet state of mind:

freedom from difficulty or great effort; facility:

freedom from financial need; plenty:

freedom from stiffness, constraint, or formality; unaffectedness:

to free from anxiety or care:

to mitigate, lighten, or lessen:

to release from pressure, tension, or the like.

to move or shift with great care:

to render less difficult; facilitate:

Ease 002 by The Beading Yogini


affluence, ataraxia, bed of roses, calm, calmness, comfort, content, contentment, easiness, enjoyment, gratification, happiness, idleness, inactivity, inertia, inertness, leisure, luxury, passivity, peace of mind, prosperity, quietness, quietude, relaxation, repose, requiescence, rest, restfulness, satisfaction, security, serenity, supinity, tranquility

abate, aid, allay, ameliorate, anesthetize, appease, assist, assuage, attend to, calm, cheer, clear the way, comfort, cure, disburden, disengage, doctor, expedite, facilitate, forward, free, further, improve, lessen, let up on, lift, lighten, make easier, meliorate, mitigate, moderate, mollify, nurse, open the door, pacify, palliate, promote, quiet, relax, release, relent, relieve, run interference for, simplify, slacken, smooth, soften, soothe, speed, speed up, still, tranquilize,disentangle, edge, extricate, facilitate, handle, inch, induce, insert, join, loose, loosen, maneuver, relax, remove, right, set right, slack, slacken, slide, slip, squeeze, steer, untighten.

EASE001by The Beading Yogini

At ease and enjoy the blog hop: