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January 2012 Art Bead Scene Challenge

Written By: admin - Jan• 24•12

The inspiration for the January Art Bead Scene Challenge is “Trellis by William Morris, 1862”

jan 2012 - williammorristrellis palette copy


You can read more biographical information about the artist and this design at ART BEAD SCENE.

I love the color palette, especially the coral, rust and gold hues.

Even though I think my final design is very simple, I feel that it took me forever to get the overall balance just so.

JAN ABS Close Up by The Beading YoginiI started with a square wire frame, a printed fabric swatch and some thread. Then I used some alcohol ink to tone down the colors on the fabric and give it just a hint of “aging”. I began hand stitching around the design and then backed it with some felt and inserted the wire frame. Then I hand stitched the ribbon for the necklace cord, added some small wire wrapped flower charms and some gun metal wire links. Finished it off with a simple set of earrings using more wire wrapped beads. A few more photos below:

JAN ABS Necklace by The Beading YoginiJAN ABS EARRINGS by The Beading Yogini

JAN ABS 1 by The Beading Yogini

See what other designers came up with at the flickr group.

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  1. Lorelei Eurto says:

    Gorgeous!! I wish someone (hint hint) would start selling cute embroidered fabric pendants online!! This is so sweet!

  2. I am in love with that pendant! The whole piece. And I ditto everything Lorelei just said above.

  3. Birgitta says:

    Hi Cece!
    Lovely art as usual but this pendant certainly is not usual …….. gorgeous!!

  4. Mackinart says:

    I’m very impressed with your interpretation – great choice of colors and the embroidered pendent is really special.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for all the comments fellow designers and artists. How I wish that I had time to make more and share them. Just busy making other things right now… it’s pre-spring germination season for growers. Hands are busy, but with seeds.

  5. I love your embroidered bird!

    I’d love to see more pieces like that, but I understand being busy. Mr. Sequin has a veggie garden, and in the Spring, he spends a lot of time on his seeds! Plants take lots of work… like pets. 🙂

  6. WOW this is so beautiful! You nailed the colors for sure. I love the softness and the sheer element of fun of your design.

  7. Therese says:

    Very pretty and unique I really like it.

  8. I think you captured the delicate nature of the art and then gave it wow! Love this… the colors and that you used fiber. Janet

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