A Digital Breath of Fresh Air

This past week I’ve been working on stamped, collage, hand cut fairy paper dolls.

I use a combination of angel company (Character Constructions , ArtChix StudioEnchanted Gallery) rubber stamps, digital collage sheets and old magazines, along with beads and wire. They look something like this, but all are unique. The best part is finding or making little accessory charms for each fairy.

Wild Salmon Fairy by The Beading Yogini

I made thirty-six of those little creatures. Thirty have already claimed a new home. I have another custom mixed media fairy project in the works and it should pan out to be fun work. In the meantime I treated myself to a few digital collage sheets by artist itKupiLli. I’m trying to teach myself how to use Adobe Photoshop elements for digital artwork. Here is a  sample that I’ve played with:

Bingo Girl by The Beading Yogini

One of my intentions for the new year is to become more skilled with digital art and use my own artwork for some designs. I also have an amazing opportunity for a new venture that involves getting my hands dirty and learning more in the horticulture business. It’s a green industry, good for the environment too and I’m pretty excited about this. Here’s hoping that you greet this New Year with ease and balance.


December Art Bead Scene Challenge

Here’s the color palette for the December Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge:

ABS Dec 2011 - Chrysler_Building_palette copy

Very art deco, you can read more about the Chrysler Building and the challenge here.

Blue Boro Disc Bead by The Beading YoginiBusy as I am this month, I did want to make something for the challenge, so I made this simple little borosilicate disc bead necklace. I love the shades of blue, so for me, the challenge this month was to start melting and learn to use borosilicate glass. I found that I’m horrible at making boro beads, but boro disc beads are a breeze. The next challenge was to use the boro disc in a necklace design. Wanting to keep it simple and easy, and yet show off the boro discs. Jewelry design is part puzzle solving. I really like it when I can find a way to wear a necklace two different ways. And, of course, I wouldn’t be happy unless I tied a knot or two in there as well. I liked the design so much, I made up several necklaces using assorted colors.

 It can be worn either as a lariat style  or as a hanging pendant style necklace.

Love that blue borosilicate glass.

DECABS Pendant Style Necklace by The Beading Yogini




Wednesday, December 14, 2011 – BTW

Here’s what’s on my table this Wednesday…my spin on melting some borosilicate glass.

BoroDiscAsst by The Beading YoginiI’m using Momka boro shorts rods and have no idea what colors these are because they aren’t labeled. I’m finding it difficult to make a decent boro bead shape, but liking the results of the disc beads and pendants. See what others are up to at Bead Table Wednesday.

PaperFairies by The Beading YoginiI’m also working on custom paperdoll fairies for a client. The last time I made some of these was over a year ago. Combining pieces and parts, bits and snips, odd sayings, stampings and color. They will be precision hand cut and then laminated. Fixed with a wire wrap hanger and a few accent beads. Then they are ready to fly away.  I really do get a kick out of making them. Good thing as I’ve about 25 more to go!

Planting Seeds

Seed beads of course.

Cuff 2 layout by The Beading Yogini

Third attempt at seed bead embroidery, with another seed beaded cuff bracelet. Brighter colors this time around. I can’t recall who said it, but someone likened it to painting, except the medium is beads. Allowing the pattern to wander and adding splashes of color here and there.

Turquoise Stone Cuff 2 by The Beading Yogini