Halloween Haircut

I don’t put many non bead-jewelry-art related posts on the blog, but a good haircut deserves a mention.  Here’s the locks before my annual haircut… long, thick and a little unruly.

pre haircut the Beading Yogini

Now here’s my locks after the haircut…

pumpkin head at Cactus Joe's Las Vegas

Tricked ya. Just having a bit of Halloween fun with you. Here’s the real deal. Layna Tyson at Another Wild Hair is an artist or sorts. She really tamed my locks with an excellent cut.  See for yourself… a short inverted bob cut.

annual haircut The Beading Yogini


Tiny Lampwork Beads and Necklaces

The other week I was on a roll making small lampwork beads. The nice thing is that I can usually wrap 7-9 of these small suckers on one mandrel. The not so nice thing is cleaning the beads and reaming out the bead release. That’s probably the reason why you don’t see these type of artisan beads for sale very often. Labor intensive!

These beads are fairly small for lampworking standards, maybe measuring 4 mm x 7 mm, There are slight variations in size and shape because I don’t use any shaping tools. I love the variations though, because it shows that these are indeed handmade. 

small beads by The Beading Yogini

I’ve also been on a glass etching kick and have been etching many of the beads for that, low sheen soft look and feel. I’m using the beads to make a series of mostly monochromatic micro macrame necklaces featuring some of my Apoxie Clay focal pendants along with other artisan pendants and beads. Here’s a sampling of what has been knotted this week.





Orange Sunset Necklace by The Beading YoginiJoshua Tree Necklace by The Beading Yoginiown The Rabbit Hole Necklace By The Beading Yogini

As The Crow Flys Necklace By The Beading Yogini


I found this in my in box from an RSS feed about cactus. Many of you know that I work at the best cactus nursery here in Blue Diamond, Nevada (Las Vegas) – Cactus Joe’s. So, I’m a bit of a cactus nerd. I follow postings about cactus and related items. But really, this popped up and I had to laugh since the theme for the Art Bead Scene October Challenge is hedgehog related. People are pretty funny about their pets huh? Look at what this crafty person did here.

Hedgehogs are undeniably cute, but a bit too rat like for my sensitivities. I’m currently waging a battle of sorts with rodents. Just found a rats nest under the hood of my car this week. They nested on the radiator. They are eating all of my outdoor succulents and with the colder evenings, mice are squeezin’ into the old house. At least it keeps the dogs entertained. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011 – BTW

Here’s what’s on the bead table today:

Full Moon Sari Cuff by The Beading YoginiA freshly completed silk sari ribbon and yarn cuff featuring another ceramic focal by Birgitta (a.k.a. AngelWhisper at Etsy).

And maybe this is what’s in store for today, I’m liking these colors teals, browns and beiges…

BTW 10.19.11 by The Beading YoginiBut, I may not get around to it because I did this late yesterday. Black and blue, not my favorite color combination.

Black and Blue by The Beading Yogini

Tiny Lampwork Glass Bead & Macrame Necklaces

I’ve been on a roll this past week making a slew of the tiniest lampwork glass beads. I’m using them to make a few gifts for those folks who are dear and far from me. For birthday gifts and just because. The lampwork beads work out so well for micro macrame, because the bead hole easily fits four cords. Surprisingly, even though they are glass, the necklaces are not heavy because the cord weighs next to nothing. I’m really liking the asymmetrical design with the front toggle closure. Hope the recipients do as well.

BlueHoot Necklace by The Beading YoginiBlueHoot Necklace Close Up By The Beading YoginiLove this little owl pendant.

CircleK Necklace by The Beading YoginiCircleK Pendant by The Beading Yogini50 Blue Beads for 50 years! Comin’ at ya KimmyDoll!

On Wings Necklace Close Up by The Beading YoginiLove this angel pendant from Birgitta Lejonklou. I am smitten with her ceramic pendants. This matches so perfect with my imperfect devitrified beads. Most glass workers hate to see the “evil devit” on the beads, but I love it on this particular glass. Sometimes I can make it happen, and sometimes not. This necklace is headed to my Mama for her birthday. Here’s a closer look at the devitrified beads.

On Wings Bead Necklace by The Beading Yogini

Silk Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop

When I spotted bsueboutiques Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop,  I almost started to swoon. I’ve been very much into using fabric and texture in my recent designs. I really wanted to explore using the ribbon and material  in a way that I had not previously imagined. 

First off, I headed on over to my favorite local thrift store and trolled the clothing racks for silk garments thinking that perhaps I’d get lucky and find a suitable sari. BINGO. Found one  with color combos that I love, chartreuse  and purple.  Almost too nice to rip into, but I got over that pretty fast. I started to cut and play with the strips and then decided that I wanted to focus on a few select pieces of fabric. 

Here’s the result; a trio of bracelets that can be worn individually or together in combination. Materials and techniques used : Apoxie Clay, acrylic paint, base metal frame C-LON Cord, lampwork glass beads, wire wrap, sewing, macrame knotting and of course the Sari materials.


The second set of bangles came next. Using linen material, red silk sari ribbon, C-Lon cord, lampwork glass beads,and a  Tim Holtz metal charm. The result:

Lastly, I wanted to explore using a locker hooking technique. Using silk sari yarns and ribbons, recycled t-Shirt yarn and a metal focal with lucite beads. 

For some reason, my blog name was left off the blog roll list, but here’s the list of the other participants for your viewing enjoyment:

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B’sue Boutiques Creative Group


October ABS Challenge

 Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge for October. Initially I wasn’t too thrilled with the selection. I even considered just passing on this round. But, I really like the color palette, so I reconsidered.

A Hedgehog in a Landscape, 1643-51 

9¼ x 15 in. 23.5 x 38 cm. bodycolor on vellum

by Giovanna Garzoni

Giovanna Garzoni, A hedgehog in a landscapeOct2011ColorPalette-1

Then, the other afternoon I had a few hours to play and decided to crawl youtube for videos of hedgehogs. I’ve never seen a hedgehog up close and in the flesh. For a rodent like critter, they are pretty charming. Before I knew it, the clay was out and I had myself a little critter or two curing on my table. Here’s my first attempt. Perhaps a bit too rat like?

OCT ABS 1st Attempt Hedgehog by The Beading Yogini

Here’s my second attempt. More like it.

OCT ABS Hedgehog Close Up by The Beading Yogini

I’ll confess that I did take two art courses in college way back when, an art history class and a sculpting class. I had forgotten what a blast sculpting clay is. Just for fun, maybe I’ll try a third attempt later this month. But for now, I’m going ahead with this necklace featuring the hedgehog bead as a focal, tiny lampwork glass beads knotted with C-Lon cord and finished with a side toggle.

OCT ABS Hedgehog Necklace View A by The Beading YoginiView more challenge entries here on Flickr.

Lima Beads Challenge Reveal It ALL


Shannon Chomanczuk  and Lorelei Eurto set up another fun filled jewelry design challenge. Thank you Shannon and Lorelei.
They put together a selection of beads from Lima Beads and this is what ended up in the bead kit:

Lima Beads Challenge Beads Lorelei and Shannon

The only items that I did not incorporate into my designs are the Silver Green Biwa Top- Drilled Pearls, the turquoise nuggets and the Flamingo Glace Hand dyed silk ribbon. I chose not to use the pearls because, if the drill holes are there, they are way too tiny. Several had no holes at all. Saving the turquoise for another design. The silk ribbon is gorgeous, so I’m going to enjoy looking at it until the perfect design for it surfaces. I enjoy working with challenges because I get to incorporate components that I would probably never select on my own. Two necklaces with reversible pendants, an owl themed necklace , and one bracelet:

LB Challenge Lavendar Necklace Full View By The Beading YoginiLB CHallenge Owl Necklace Full View By The Beading YoginiLB Challenge Pagoda Necklace Full View by The Beading YoginiB Challenge Bracelet Full View By The Beading Yogini

The reverse side of the pendant on the purple necklace:

LB Challenge Raku Pendant by The Beading Yogini

And the reverse side of the pendant on the green necklace:

LB Challenge Pagoda Necklace View 2 By The Beading Yogini

See all the blog hop participants creations here: BLOG HOP LINK 








Wednesday, October 5, 2011 – BTW

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 BTW by The Beading Yogini

Dug these up in the backyard yesterday afternoon. Teasing, really, I made them from polymer clay about two years ago and found them in one of my stash boxes. Decided to stain them yesterday. It’s one of the charms of being slightly disorganized, being able to delight yourself with long lost items. I’m not certain what I will do with them. They may end up back in that stash box. At any rate, they have an Autumn feel to them, as does the temperature today. Finally in the 70’s, overcast, with crazy desert winds and I think there was even an extra blanket thrown on the bed last night. Seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this since May. This type of day makes me long to do several things… curl up with a good book, make some soup, or sit at my torch and melt glass. Have a great Bead Table Wednesday whatever you decide to do.