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September ABS Challenge

Written By: admin - Sep• 24•11

Another month, another monthly Art Bead Scene Challenge. The inspiration for the challenge this month is:

geesbend2Lillie Mae Pettway SEP ABS Challenge

“Housetop”–twelve-block “Half-Logcabin” variation, ca. 1965

Cotton, Wool Corduroy, 77″x 65″

Lillie Mae Pettway, 1927-1990

Gee Bend’s Quilter

About the Artist

Lillie Mae Petway was one of seventeen children. Her mother Aolor Mosely was one of the founding members and behind the scenes organizers of the Freedom Quilting Bee. Lillie Mae and her sister Mary Lee Bendolph shared their mothers enthusiasm for rectangular patterns with bold colors. You can see what others designers did with this palette on the  ABS flickr group.

SeptemberColorPalette ABS SEP Challenge

I took my design cue entirely from the color palette and decided to begin cavandoli knotting using a wire square as the anchor foundation for my design. So many bright colors to choose from and I wanted to include them all. After completing the knotting, I was not satisfied with the outcome and proceeded to add buttons, small large, plain and fancy. Then I was stumped on what to do for the cord and at this point the necklace began to take on a life of it’s own. A colorful yarn wrapped cord, and few lampwork glass bead, some links,chain and bead caps, and the final result is ragtag patchwork design. You know how some artists sketch out a pattern for their designs? Well, I don’t operate like that…

SEP ABS Cavandoli Knotting by The Beading YoginiSEP ABS Full Necklace by The Beading Yogini


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  1. niki says:

    love the rainbow of colors

  2. Birgitta says:

    OH this one tooo 🙂

  3. Kristen says:

    Very colorful, I love it!

  4. beth says:

    Oh sweetheart. This is utterly gorgeous. Really and truly inspired.

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