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Shadow Box Challenge

Posted by on August 27, 2011

Shadow Box Challenge Rear Close Up by The Beading Yogini

Last month, the talented and creative jewelry maven Lorelei Eurto decided to throw down a challenge with help and generous assistance from Sara Lukkonen of C Koop Beads.

Sara provided the awesome enameled metal shadow boxes for the material inspiration and Lorelei provided the creative opportunity and postage for the participants. A special thanks to both <3

Now, I do enjoy me a good challenge and this one provided hours of contemplative and hands on genuine fun. Thrilled with my luck of the draw, as I received one of my favorite shades of lavender. The bare lavender box in the upper right corner of the photo.

Shadow Boxes by C-Koop Beads - TBY

I’m always interested in seeing how many different techniques and materials I can possibly incorporate into one piece. Here’s what I used to complete this piece: shadow box, metal filigree pieces, ceramic bead, lampwork beads, purple glass pearl beads, copper beads, metal pieces (buddha head and wings, purple patina metal bezel), small screws, jump rings, silver chain, head pins and clasp, C-Lon cord, lampworked copper wire head pins, and ceramic and metal links. All connected by wire wrap, riveting, and micro-macrame techniques to become this >>>

Shadow Box Focal Close Up By The Beading Yogini

Shadow Box Challenge Necklace Worn by The Beading Yogini

And to keep you hopping here’s the blog hop list of participants for the Shadow Box Challenge:

11. Grubbi



28 Responses to Shadow Box Challenge

  1. regina

    Love the filigree work wrapping the box and all the colorful and interesting connections. They all come together very nicely.

  2. Lorelei Eurto

    This color palette suits you perfectly! There is so much going on in this piece, my eye is up and around it so easily- Very pretty use of the filigree too! I never even though of doing something like that. Great job!! Thanks so much for participating!

  3. Lorelei Eurto

    by the way! I made a flickr group. feel free to add your photos there:

  4. Birgitta

    I love what You create !! no limits and the result is allways this necklace!!

  5. Alice


  6. staci Louise

    That is just plain awesome! I really love the color of your box, and how distressed it looks. You really complimented that with the feel of your piece.

  7. Elisabeth

    Wow! What an incredible piece!

  8. Cilla

    Looks like it belongs in a museum.
    Great Work

  9. Joanne Tinley

    Beautiful! I love how you are all coming up with such different ideas!

  10. Maria Grimes

    Love how you left the enamel showing through too!

  11. shirley moore

    I love having lots of things to examine and explore in jewelry. Your necklace accomplished that perfectly! The colors are wonderful, and I am thrilled at all the cool components.

  12. Lori Anderson

    Oh my gosh but WOW! (And can I say, I love how you overwrap your pearls? LOVE that technique. Looks so awesome.)

  13. Jenny

    Love it! It calls to me as a shrine, an amulet. And I truly appreciate the diverse materials and methods you incorporated. Fabulous!

  14. Shay Stone

    Yummy!! I love everything that you’ve done with this piece! It is so unique, fascinating and fun to look at. I feel like I’m taking a journey into another world. Fabulous!

  15. sara

    Really love this! It has a story to tell.

  16. kreativkrapylet

    I love this piece! This is one of my favourits :) I love what you did with the colors and the theme her!

  17. {beth}

    very nice! I love seeing what everyone came up with.

  18. Hilary Frye

    You definitely “get” layering and composition! I can tell you like figuring out how parts fit together to become the whole. Great use of materials and I love the colors too.

  19. fancifuldevices

    purplicious! you included so many structural elements to make this so different than the starting point of the basic box. total eye-grabber.

  20. Cindy Cima Edwards

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  21. KJ

    Wow. What a delight.

  22. Charlene

    wow! very ornate! nice colors. the buddha head is cool too.

  23. Suzette

    Great job! Love the colors!

  24. Andrew Thornton

    That’s just cool! I really love how your intricate elements all fit together like a puzzle. You’ve done a really great job and used the color inspiration of the bezel to amazing effect! Nicely done!

  25. Malin de Koning

    LLove! LOVE! L O V E !

    This is definitely one of my favourites from the challenge. It sits so beautifully around the neck. Everything coming together in an intriguing and wonderful composition. The purple “flowers” that sit there on top of the box. Every little bead and componenet. All the hues of purple, violet and lilac. I feel I would never go bored of looking at this necklace! Or wearing it. To dinner parties.

    Did I say I love it?

  26. Lisa

    I love your design! It is so intricate, and it is perfectly balanced. I love the way you used the filigree around the box, and the layered buddha detail. I could stare at this necklace for hours, lol! Great job!!

  27. Steph @ The Silly Pearl

    You are so creative for thinking of decorating the back of the box as well. Really gorgeous work!

  28. Genea

    Wow! What a gorgeous piece! I love all of the photos of all of the wonderful little details and the buddha pendant. This piece is very zen and peaceful!

    xo Genea

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