Wednesday, August 31, 2011- BTW

Several weeks ago, the talented artist and jewelry designer Birgitta Lejonklou and I made contact via one of the flickr groups we both belong to. She admired a necklace I had made a while back and I admired her lovely clay pendants and links. We decided to make a trade and I received this in the mail yesterday.

Stamps from Sweden posted by The Beading Yogini

Here’s what’s on my work bench this Bead Table Wednesday, a fresh serving of pendants courtesy of Lejonklou Design:

BTW 8.31.2011 Lejonklou Design Pendants posted by The Beading Yogini

Needless to say I am smitten with these:

BTW 8.21.2011 Lejonklou Buddha

Naturally the Buddha heads are favorites, as is this piece:

BTW 8.21.2011 Distressed Face - Artist Lejonklou DesignsI adore items that look a tiny bit distressed. As you can see, all of these are quite lovely. Thank you Birgitta. Have fun at your table today.


Shadow Box Challenge

Shadow Box Challenge Rear Close Up by The Beading Yogini

Last month, the talented and creative jewelry maven Lorelei Eurto decided to throw down a challenge with help and generous assistance from Sara Lukkonen of C Koop Beads.

Sara provided the awesome enameled metal shadow boxes for the material inspiration and Lorelei provided the creative opportunity and postage for the participants. A special thanks to both <3

Now, I do enjoy me a good challenge and this one provided hours of contemplative and hands on genuine fun. Thrilled with my luck of the draw, as I received one of my favorite shades of lavender. The bare lavender box in the upper right corner of the photo.

Shadow Boxes by C-Koop Beads - TBY

I’m always interested in seeing how many different techniques and materials I can possibly incorporate into one piece. Here’s what I used to complete this piece: shadow box, metal filigree pieces, ceramic bead, lampwork beads, purple glass pearl beads, copper beads, metal pieces (buddha head and wings, purple patina metal bezel), small screws, jump rings, silver chain, head pins and clasp, C-Lon cord, lampworked copper wire head pins, and ceramic and metal links. All connected by wire wrap, riveting, and micro-macrame techniques to become this >>>

Shadow Box Focal Close Up By The Beading Yogini

Shadow Box Challenge Necklace Worn by The Beading Yogini

And to keep you hopping here’s the blog hop list of participants for the Shadow Box Challenge:

11. Grubbi



Inspired By Nature Sea Challenge Necklace

Sea urchins; interesting creatures for certain. I looked all over the Mojave desert and failed to find a single sea shell. I didn’t have any sea urchin parts to play with for this challenge, so I resorted to making my own focal bead from clay.  Here’s what I finally came up with for the sea themed Inspired By Nature Challenge:

for a teaser, a pair of earrings using shell buttons>>>

BN Sea Urchin Challenge Earring Modeled by The Beading Yogini

then the clay focal bead>>>

BN Sea Urchin Challenge Focal Bead by The Beading Yoginiand finally the whole shebang>>>

IBN Sea Urchin Challenge Necklace Worn G by The Beading Yoginianother full view-symmetrical design for a change of pace >>>

IBN Sea Urchin Challenge Necklace Full by The Beading Yoginiand it’s always a bonus when the back of the piece looks as interesting as the front -reversible perhaps?>>>

IBN Sea Urchin Challenge Back Necklace by The Beading YoginiMaterials used: a hollow ceramic bead, Apoxie Sculpt, acrylic paint, seed beads, dyed bone beads, some type of funny little “mood” beads – the ones that look like mini sea urchins, linen thread, recycled silk sari ribbon, shell buttons and metal chain, links and clasp. Of course a few macrame knots here and there. This necklace is adjustable in length, with a three inch chain extender.

Second Pot of Bead Soup

Whoa!  Another parcel arrived in the mail box this morning. It’s a second serving from my Bead Soup Blog Party partner, Carol Bradley. I was still full from the first serving the day before. Some more beauties to play with. See here for yourself. The polymer clay focal bead is a real eye pleaser.

Bead Soup 2 for The Beading Yoginiand here’s a teaser made from the first batch of ingredients:

Bead Soup Teaser Recipe by The Beading Yoginia woman must be just a bit mysterious and harbor a few secrets…


Inspired By Nature Zen Garden Challenge

So much inspiration… so many options… so little time. What to create?

Gardens are right up my alley… literally! I work and play at a cactus garden nursery in the Las Vegas area – Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery. I’ve been told it’s a very Zen place to wander about. There is a Zen Garden area at the nursery. Southwestern, eclectic, funky Zen, but Zen in it’s own very unique way just the same. See here for yourself…

Big Blue Buddha at Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Nursery

Read a bit about the history and lore of the traditional “Zen Garden” or KareSanSui ,  translated as Dry-Mountain-Water. For me, the Zen Garden is a place to reflect, contemplate and if I am lucky, lose my mind for a while.

My favorite “Zen” gardens are:
the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

4947102467_bac3b67427 Japanese Garden and Huntington Library

and the Japanese Garden at Ganna Walska Lotusland

japanese-buddha-and-maple at Lotusland

I’m also a big fan of Tassajara, a Zen Center with a Zen Garden feel…


If you ever have the opportunity to visit any of these locations, do not pass them by. Now back to the Zen Garden Challenge…

IBN Zen Garden Necklace Worn by The Beading Yogini

I rarely use the color pink in my jewelry designs, but for some reason this necklace required pink. Perhaps reminding me of cherry blossoms? It contains clay beads made from Apoxie Sculpt with a hand patina of acrylics and gouache paints. A few metal jump ring links and a lucite bead link held together with a lampwork glass head pin. Several rose quartz gemstone beads, colored glass pearl beads, wooden beads and glass seed beads, all held together with micro macrame knots using C-Lon cord. Again inspirational motivation thanks to Heather Powers of Humble Beads. See more photos in the gallery below:



Meet My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner – Carol Bradley

Introducing Carol Bradley…Carol Bradley Designs Shop Banner

She specializes in handcrafted casual rustic jewelry using sterling silver, stones, enamel, glass, copper, fine silver and brass.

When I found out that Carol was my trade partner for this swap, I took a peek at her blog. Call it serendipity, but her current blog post at that time made me laugh and shake my head in amazement. I shared the post with my guy and he said that the text could have been written by me word for word. Yup, I’m a real fan of hot days! Carol has some really sweet items in her etsy shop and you can also find more on her facebook page.

Here’s a photo of the swap material that Carol will have gracing her work table…

Disguised Bead Soup Mix 2011 by The Beading Yogini

Stay tuned in for more happenings at the Bead Soup Blog Party updates courtesy of Lori Anderson.



Inspired By Nature Dragonfly Challenge Necklace

IBN Dragonfly Necklace Full by The Beading YoginiIBN Dragonfly Necklace Worn by The Beading Yogini

The theme for the Inspired By Nature Challenge for Week 7 is Dragonflies.

Absolutely; dragonflies are one of my favorite focal pieces. I’ve been fascinated with dragonflies for a long time. Interesting symbolism related to the dragonfly… my personal favorite interpretation is:

Focus on living ‘IN’ the moment
“The dragonfly normally lives most of its life as a nymph or an immature. It flies only for a fraction of its life and usually not more than a few months. This adult dragonfly does it all in these few months and leaves nothing to be desired. This style of life symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living IN the moment and living life to the fullest. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t and make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.” You can read more about dragonfly symbolism here.

This week I decided to use a porcelain focal bead that I had purchased at the local bead shop (Bead Haven Las Vegas.) Don’t know who created the focal, but it has two of the colors that I adore, slate blue and slate grey. Yes, I know grey really isn’t a color for some. For quite some time I’d been saving up some of my “orphan” lampwork beads that are in the same color family. I think I have used at least three or four different glass manufacturers for the lampwork beads; Kugler, Bulls Eye, Devardi and maybe even Lauscha. The lampwork beads are knotted on one side and remind me of the body segments of the dragonfly. The other side has small stone beads (type unknown- a score from a local thrift store!) and Czech seed beads. Knotted with C-Lon cord. Finished with a button clasp. There are a few small tear drop glass wire wrapped beads incorporated into the focal area. This piece is one of my favorites. See more dragonfly inspired jewelry at the IBN Flickr group.