Willow Challenge Micro Macrame Mixed Media Necklace

This micro macrame mixed media necklace was really a blast to design. The idea for this creation was sparked by Heather Powers and her Inspired by Nature Jewelry Challenge. Read more about that here. First, let me say this project was an all around challenge because after being a desert dweller all these years, I couldn’t even recall what a willow looked like. We have desert willow trees out here, but can’t say I’ve run into too many pussy willows wandering the desert floor. Next, I braved the elements, wind, heat, dust and wandered around the cactus nursery looking high and low for any twigs slightly resembling a willow branch. Need say, the pickings were pretty darn slim. I did finally locate a suitable specimen and then needed to paint it due to the fact that our wood here is pretty bleached out and dry looking. What fun, got a chance to use my paints. Then decided to troll through old (and I mean old) bead stash. I can’t believe I ended up using beads that I had previously written off as “junker” beads. Proceeded to fish around my lampwork beads “seconds” box and spotted a few that now became prime material. Even my sweet honey had a hand in this design. God bless him and his yard sale finds. He’s always on the lookout for costume jewelry and does quite well bringing home items for my jewelry cannibalization. When all was said and done, I had the opportunity to utilize my wire wrapping, lampwork, macrame, sewing and painting skills. Like a three ring circus, something for everyone with this design. I’m so inspired, I may just make a desert willow version too. Thank you Heather!

willowchallenge1 by The Beading Yogini

June ABS Challenge Macrame Necklace

Micro Macrame Bezel Pendant Necklace Shy 1 by The Beading Yogini

I make this free form style of micro macrame jewelry every once in a while. No pattern in particular. I just let my fingers wander around the cords. This one turned into another micro macrame bezel style pendant with a knotted adjustable length necklace. The pendant measurement is one inch in width by three inches in length, with the approximate depth of about 1/2 inch. The pendant itself is a black and white face with a crackle resin finish. The necklace length is 18 inches, but can be adjusted to make it measure about 14 1/2 inches. Knotted with C-Lon cord in a teal and warm chestnut brown color and embellished with small glass beads and copper charms and a few pieces of florite stone. The adjustable necklace portion is a copper plated base metal chain. This one is entered in the June ABS Challenge.

Armful of Micro Macrame Bracelets

The Beading Yogini Armful of Micro Macrame Bracelets 1Seriously, I need many arms like one of those Hindu Goddesses to keep up with production of micro macrame bracelets. I admit I am addicted to macrame knotting, making lampwork glass beads and then putting it all together.  Check out the lampwork button bead on the purple bracelet and the blue bead on the end bracelet. The results at the torch last week came together with the knots.


Macrame Turquoise Mega Mandala Necklace

1 The Beading Yogini Turquoise Mega Mandala Macrame Necklace

Finally figured out this most excellent micro macrame pattern and had loads of fun knotting. This micro macrame necklace features a vintage turquoise button as the center focal point. I made a pair of matching micro macrame earrings with the left over cord threads. It is a substantial piece of adornment, but very light weight.