Navajo Hogan Silver Micro-Macrame Bracelet

This micro-macrame bracelet features a vintage Navajo Silver center by JJ. It was clip on earrings that I modified to use for this piece. A bit of background information about the Navajo hogan from Wikipedia: the hogan is considered sacred to those who practice the Navajo religion. The religious song “The Blessingway” describes the first hogan as being built by Coyote with help from beavers to be a house for First Man, First Woman, and Talking God[1]. The Beaver People gave Coyote logs and instructions on how to build the first hogan, now known as a “forked stick” or “male” (áłchʼįʼ adeezʼá) hogan[1]; which resembles a pyramid with five triangular faces[1]. Earth may fill the spaces between the framework logs, hiding the five faceted shape and creating thick, winter-protective walls. The “forked stick” or “male” Hogan contains a vestibule in the front and was used only for sacred or private ceremonies[1].

Hot Poppy Micro-Macrame Bracelet

The latest micro-macrame completed piece is the “hot poppy” micro-macrame bracelet. I decided to add just a touch of cold-worked metal to the center piece. Red isn’t a color that I am drawn to work with very often. But someone else might just fall in love with this piece and need to take it home. My micro-macrame addiction has taken over in a big way. It’s a great portable activity if you plan your color scheme ahead of time and gather your materials in small containers. The largest item that you will need to tote around is your lightweight cork board.